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Body Sculpting and Facial Treatments

Introducing Exciting New Treatments at Aguayo Chiropractic & Wellness


PHYSIQ – First in Billings to offer STEP Technology!

STEP technology is Sequential Thermal & Electrical Pulse. This cutting edge technology is the first medical device of its kind to treat both muscle and fat at the same time. PHYSIQ is non-invasive technology that combines both Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and a Super Luminescent Diode matrix (SDM) to take your body to the next level. Target unwanted fat and tone the muscle underneath while lying comfortably.

The Physiq treatment is virtually painless because the skin’s temperature is maintained while the active thermal energy permeates deeper layers of tissue. The patient is provided a control button to quickly adjust the amount of energy to their comfort level.

Co2 Carboxy Face and Body Treatment

Co2 Carboxy Therapy is liquid Microneedling! It is a non-invasive treatment that infuses C02 into the skin to signal our system to absorb oxygen in the treated tissue to promote skin regeneration, elastin stimulation, and tissue tightening. Dramatic improvements will be seen in pore size, acne, wrinkle reduction, and skin elasticity.

The Carboxy therapy treatment involves infusing the skin with carbon dioxide (CO2) to enhance vascular function, causing blood vessels to expand and increase blood flow to the muscle and fat tissues. This boosts the skin’s metabolism and natural production of oxygen, providing deep hydration. Skin is left looking brighter and fresher, with an even tone and fewer lines. This treatment is also effective for treating dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, post procedure bruises, and swelling.

Carboxy Therapy is also used on the body to hydrate, smooth, tighten, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and brighten the skin!

Ultrasound with Radio Frequency

Ultrasound with combined radio frequency is a non-invasive treatment that breaks down unwanted fat, while radio frequency utilizes heat to tighten, contour, and redefine the skin over the face and body.

Advanced Procell Skin Therapy & AnteAGE Skincare

Procell Microchanneling is skin rejuvenation through collagen induction therapy! Procell Microchanneling is unique in that it stimulates a wound healing response and new collagen production by triggering the release of epidermal growth factors, peptides and cytokines with little actual damage to the skin. You’ll experience long term improvement that resists the aging process.

AnteAGE Skincare

AnteAGE skincare products utilize powerful regenerative stem cell properties to reverse the effects of aging and trigger the skin’s natural regeneration process. AnteAGE skincare delivers advanced solutions designed to promote skin health and enhance your natural radiance. A MUST have for all skincare routines!

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